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What is your learning goal? This is more important than knowing “Skill 3” because people with higher competitive advantages have greater chances to success in nowadays. Not only Individuals but also entrepreneurs inevitably need to enhance their abilities in information technology to achieve their goals even quicker.
If you are seeking for experienced coaches who have comprehensive expertise in online and digital fields, Skill 3 is the right choice. All of our coaches are readily guide you through the digital era and make your goals come true.
Training Center Profile
Courses Started:                   1 February 2017
Company Name:                   SKILL THREE (THAILAND) Co.,LTD.
Registered Date:                   23 May 2018

To be Thailand’s training center for producing world-class information technology professionals and leveraging digital competitive advantages of entrepreneurs through uncompromising quality guidance and courses and life-long learning promotion
1) Utilise state-of-the-art tools and innovative knowledges in all courses
2) Provide variety of courses for all levels through expericed advisors
3) Support practical learning environments to deliver high value products/services into markets
4) Provide appropriate consultants to solve real business problems
5) Be ethical and uncompromising to any glitches that may impact to customers’ businesses

An affiliated company of Seven Republic Co.,Ltd. and in partnership with Thai FinTech Association